The Challenge

Energy Access in South Sudan

South Sudan is one of the least electrified countries in the world with an estimated 7% of the population with access to electricity leaving over 10.4 million people unelectrified. Even in electrified areas like Juba, the capital, the percentage of population connected remains low due to limited distribution.

In the absence of reliable electricity households and businesses must suffer without power or rely on diesel generators which are very expensive to operate given the high cost of diesel fuel and complicated logistics in South Sudan. This energy poverty critically limits South Sudan’s potential economic development and exacerbates the challenges for its people.

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SunGate’s Unique Value

SunGate is uniquely qualified to address these challenges in South Sudan.

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Proven operational capability in challenging environments

SunGate has proven to be a successful operator in South Sudan despite significant in-country challenges including instability, travel restrictions, limited supply chain access, and a nascent government and legal structure.

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High quality, reliable products

SunGate only sources the highest quality technologies and materials for its projects and also offers a generous warrantee for its customers.

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Top technical expertise

Years of professional experience in designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing solar systems in South Sudan.

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Deep-rooted local capacity

SunGate’s staff is all local and has deep familiarity of South Sudan’s landscape, communities, travel routes, etc. as well as local offices/warehouses located in different regions of South Sudan.