Our Approach


Every solar installation must start with a comprehensive energy needs assessment. Our trained installers will visit the site of the proposed system to discuss the project with you and to calculate the amount of energy needed to meet your power needs. This assessment will clarify the size of the system, help you understand how solar energy works, and enable us to put together a proposal and estimate the cost and components needed for current use as well as projected upgrade options as your energy needs increase.


Once we understand how much power you need for your solar installation, our engineers will design the optimal solution to meet those needs. Our design not only lays out the overall configuration of the system, but also gives a detailed list and description of the components, including:
-The number of batteries and solar panels.
-The specification of the charge controller and inverter.
-The myriad parts needed to connect the pieces together (fuses, wires, mounting system).


With a complete design of your system, your SunGate project manager will meet with you to review the design, provide pricing and schedule details, and answer your questions. With your approval, we will order any specialized components needed that are not in our warehouse. Once all the components are available, the team will deliver the system to your site for final assembly, installation, and testing.

Maintenance & Repair

In addition to our expert services to design and build your solar solution, SunGate technicians can also maintain and repair your current installation even if it was done by another company. We also offer replacement services to enable you to move your current fossil fuel based electrical generation to a stable solar energy system as a cleaner and more reliable alternative.

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