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In addition to our services, we provide solar powered, battery operated modular electrical devices and complete systems of all sizes in rural and urban locations in South Sudan.

Solar Street Lighting

SunGate offers a range of cost-effective solar LED street lights. These devices, powered by a solar panel and battery, are charged during the day from sunlight. At night, the LED lights are powered by the highly-efficient battery pack attached to the unit. The streetlights are capable of providing power for many days, even during periods of limited sunshine.

Data Center & Internet Server Backup Systems

Power outages to Data Centers & Internet servers is very disruptive as it can cause the loss of data and render banking systems inoperable. For this reason, backup systems are used to supply power and keep the Data Centers and Servers running even during power outages or during the switching of generators. We have all the needed equipment, technical expertise, and experience for this service.


"The SunGate team provides the best service, and they have the most reliable products. Our previous installer was from another country, and once they left the area, I was out of business until SunGate came to our rescue. The SunGate technicians are highly qualified, and are also local South Sudanese citizens. Their service is the best, and their staff are more knowledgeable and responsive than the other companies."

– Repair Service Customer
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