Microgrids are stand-alone power systems including both generation and distribution that are able to deliver reliable electricity without needing to connect to larger electricity grids.

Microgrids are ideal solutions for energy access and rural electrification including for state capitals, county headquarters, and other market towns

SunGate Solar launched South Sudan’s first solar microgrids in September 2022 in the town of Wanyjok located 40 minutes northeast of Aweil in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state. Wanyjok is a rural market town home to about 20,000 people, and while some businesses utilize expensive diesel generators for some limited electricity, most people in Wanyjok currently have no access to reliable electricity.

This microgrid combines a solar array (55 kWp), battery storage (84 kWh/36kVA), and a diesel genset (66 kVA) to deliver reliable electricity to an initial 73 customers. The majority of these customers are small business and institutional customers including pharmacies, health clinics agrovets, computer/printing centers, retail stores, and restaurants. The 73 connections also include 25 customers that have new electric cooking solutions for restaurants, clinics, and 4 households.

The Microgrid also provides free street lighting to the Wanyjok market. This means a more secure environment that SunGate hopes will provide stability, with businesses staying open to later and serving more people.

Because the microgrid is built with flexibility in mind, SunGate intends to expand the initial system in Wanyjok to serve more households and businesses as well as expand microgrid solutions to other communities across South Sudan.




"The SunGate team provides the best service, and they have the most reliable products. Our previous installer was from another country, and once they left the area, I was out of business until SunGate came to our rescue. The SunGate technicians are highly qualified, and are also local South Sudanese citizens. Their service is the best, and their staff are more knowledgeable and responsive than the other companies."

– Repair Service Customer
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