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SunGate Solar Ltd is a professional Solar Power design, installation, and maintenance company committed to improving the standard of living and development of South Sudan through the delivery of sustainable energy for private, public, NGO, and commercial customers. SunGate Solar is owned and entirely staffed by South Sudanese. We have our own professionally trained technicians stationed in every region to ensure quick service delivery to our customers. We care about the quality of our products and services and that is why we provide the best warranty in the country. We do not just sell you the product, we are also there throughout the product’s lifetime.

Based in Wau, the company was started in 2013 by founder (Mou Riiny) and US-based NGO (Village Help for South Sudan) with additional technical support by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). In 2015, SunGate Solar was formed and registered in South Sudan as a commercial, for-profit venture. SunGate Solar receives financial and management support from SunGate Solar Holdings LLC based in USA (Acton, MA).

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Our Vision

To empower communities in South Sudan for economic growth.

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Our Mission

To dramatically improve the standard of living of South Sudanese by providing sustainable, affordable and reliable electricity access.

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Investment Opportunity

To invest early in a nascent energy market with high impact and rapid growth potential, a plentiful solar resource, high latent electricity demand and little existing competition.

Why SunGate?

First Mover & Leader for Solar in South Sudan

SunGate was one of the first independent solar businesses in South Sudan and has consistently led pioneering work for the sector including flagship C+I solar deployments for universities and hospitals, mini-grids, and new research for electric cooking and PUE.

Proven Operational Capacity in Challenging Environements

SunGate has deep-rooted local capacity and a proven track record operating successfully in South Sudan despite significant in-country challenges, limited supply chain access, and a nascent govenment and legal structure.

High Quality Products and Top Technical Experts

Years of professional experience in designing, installing, maintaining and repairing solar systems in South Sudan. SunGate only sources the highest quality technologies and materials for its projects and also offers a generous warranty to its customers

Message from Chief Executive Officer

Mou Riiny

Mou Riiny left South Sudan as a young man during the Civil War and was fortunate to study electrical engineering at the University of San Diego. In his studies, he remembers seeing a map of the world at night. Seeing the darkness over South Sudan inspired him to want to develop solutions for energy access in South Sudan. Following a senior project focused on designing solar energy systems in remote areas, he moved back to South Sudan in 2012, and in 2013 with funding support from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and clean energy investors, Mou launched SunGate Solar. From these humble beginnings, Mou has now grown SunGate to have over 65 staff, 200+ projects, and 2 mw+ of solar online in 13 states providing clean, reliable, affordable solar solutions to thousands of people across South Sudan. SunGate Solar’s core business is designing and installing off-grid solar power systems, but in 2023, opened the very first solar-powered Utility-scale project in South Sudan and is now working to scale the model to other towns.

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Mou Deng Riiny, CEO, BS-EE

I take this opportunity to appreciate all stakeholders as well as all our valued clients for sharing the vision and joining hands to make the planet greener and better.

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