“I thought my family would live in darkness forever, then SunGate Solar brought their lighting kits to my village. Now my children can read after dark, and we can recharge our cell phones at home.”


“SunGate Solar installed a 1.5 kW system for our organization several years ago. They provided the complete solution needed for lighting our community center facility - inside and outside. They provided the training for our community members to operate and maintain the system."”

solar power renewable energy and microgrid company south sudan

180+ Projects Completed

solar power renewable energy and microgrid company south sudan

Over 2 MW of Solar Projects

solar power renewable energy and microgrid company south sudan

50+ Customers and Partners

What we do

Home & Office Solutions

Small-scale (<25 kWp) solar and storage providing power directly to individual households and businesses, as well as large-scale solar, storage, and hybrid solutions

Commercial/Institutional Solutions

(>25 kWp) with specialized technologies to support specific loads and applications for large customers and institutions like universities, hospitals, etc


Microgrids are small, stand-alone power systems including both generation and distribution that are able to deliver reliable electricity without needing to connect to larger electricity grids.

Electric Cooking

Electric pressure cookers allow people to cook faster, cheaper, and without harmful smoke


SunGate also supports energy solutions for other applications including data backups, solar streetlights, and more!

Our Approach



Every solar installation must start with a comprehensive energy needs assessment.



Once we understand how much power you need for your solar installation, our engineers will design the optimal solution to meet those needs.


With a complete and approved design, your SunGate solar technicians will safely and professionally install your system.

Maintenance & Repair

In addition to our expert services to design and build your solar solution, SunGate technicians can maintain your system for optimal operational efficiency.

Why Sungate Solar

SunGate is South Sudanese owned and operated, with investment and management support from the United States. We use carefully selected and tested equipment sourced from reliable manufacturers. We train and employ a large local staff, ready to accommodate all your solar energy needs. We provide a generous warranty, and we take quality service seriously. Let us prove it to you!

– Mou Deng Riiny, CEO, BS-EE

Our Partners

SunGate works with a wide variety of partners in South Sudan including NGOs, universities, faith groups, development partners, and the private sector

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